We have chosen Harrison mattresses for our guesthouse.

A natural, sustainable and advanced solution to a comfortable nights sleep.

 Restful sleep is a precious commodity, bringing a raft of benefits to your health and wellbeing, from boosting your immune system and promoting brain function to relieving stress.

Quality, individuality and heritage
A family-run firm established in 1889, Harrison champions handmade artisan quality. Drawing on six generations of expertise and combining the finest materials, the latest in bed technology with a passion for British quality and care for the environment, every Harrison bed is uniquely hand crafted to meet the exacting standards of their customers.

Innovative pocket springs
Award-winning pocket spring systems that respond to individual body weight to provide superior support and relieve pressure points, which contribute to a better night’s sleep.

Sustainability & Care for the environment
Harrison’s dedication extends to establishing their own farm; located just 20 miles from the manufacturing site, where they raise sheep to produce eco wool and grow sustainable crops destined for the mattress fillings.

Best of British craftsmanship
Harrison are proud of their Yorkshire heritage and are committed to British manufacturing, wherever possible using locally sourced materials. Affiliated to the British Wool Marketing Board and supporters of The Campaign for Wool, led by HRH The Prince of Wales, Harrison backs initiatives that increase the demand for wool from British farmers.

Your Mattress: Alder 3250

The alder contains the finest blends of soft and springy Yorkshire wool and hygienic cotton which helps regulate body temperature by wicking away moisture. Support is provided by a layer of revolution pocket springs, a zone of HD pocket springs in the heavier lumbar regions and double side stitching ensuring you can utilise the whole surface. In addition it has a warm side/ coolside to reflect the seasons.